The First Game-Focused Optimistic Rollup On The BNB Chain
A low-cost and lightning-fast BNB Chain Layer2 blockchain
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Scale Game Performance At Speed With A Complete End-To-End Solution
COMBO is a game-focused layer 2 for Web3 game developers. By applying optimistic rollup, we can achieve more than 5,000 TPS while keeping the gas prices as low as 0.000000008 Gwei. COMBO has built full-fledged partnerships with leading Web3 infrastructure projects to provide comprehensive development toolchains and built-in game engines. These advanced tools can help game developers easily get into the Web3 world and simplify and accelerate their game development process.
COMBO Network: Tailored for Games, Featuring Top Scaling Technology
Mint millions of NFTs with ease
Unlock scalable Web3 games and build carbon-neutral NFTs with COMBO Mint
Build in hours with APIs
Build and launch faster with expert support and easy-to-use APIs & SDKs.
Real Scaling for Gaming
Gain global leading expert insights to enhance your Web3 game development
The Future of Gaming Awaits
Build using COMBO's Web3 solutions for unmatched speed, scale, and flexibility. Fuel game growth and captivate players.
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Leveraging COMBO's Community And Partner Network, You Can Reach A Broader Target Audience And Expand The User Foundation.
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A large numbr of applications are deployed in the COMBO ecosystem

Script Network

A layer 1 open-source live TV platform, protocol, and storage network.


Footprint Analytics

Index and structure a wide range of datasets, making it easy to explore data and build next-generation applications whenever required.



Build seamless dApps with Account Abstraction, powered by Biconomy SDK.



Marketing, growth and analysis for Web3.


Particle Network

Full-stack Web3 infrastructure provider offers MPC-TSS Wallet (EOA) and ERC-4337 compatible contract wallet (AA) through Wallet Services.


Polyhedra Network

Develop and implement zkBridge for establishing trustless and highly efficient interoperability infrastructure among diverse Web3 systems.

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BNB Chain-Layer2 COMBO Mainnet grade srcurity,zero gas fees,and user-friendly APIs allow you to quicky and easily build your next NFT project.